Canning Week Kick-Off!

Hello reader,

l’ve decided to deem this week “Canning Week”. We have had enough of some veggies to begin processing some of the harvest. Ya-hoo! I have so many memories of my mom canning during garden season. The memories of clinking glass, the aromas of the kitchen, and the popping of lids come flooding back during garden season. Now, I’m beginning to carry on her legacy (with a few questions I still find myself asking her). My husband and I bought ourselves a water bath canner, canning utensils, jars, and all of the ingredients we needed that we didn’t have on hand. There’ll be three canning days this week that I’ll slowly unveil to you all. The first one is a different process than I’ve ever experienced. Those popping lids? There is only silence this time. We’re using our freezer! That’s right, the freezer. No pressure canner, no water bath canner, only the freezer. I found a recipe through Taste of Home (link at the bottom of post) for… Drum roll please… PICKLES!

So there you have it. The first day of canning week is for Freezer Pickles.


This is not a tutorial for how to do canning, so I’ll leave the directions to the recipe at the end of the post. We ended up with way too many onions so a lot were left out of our jars. And we almost forgot to check that our jars were freezer safe (luckily, they were!)

We can’t wait to take our first jar out of the freezer to try out! If they turn out, we can even start to share with friends and family. One of my favorite parts!

That wraps up the first canning day. We’re feeling a bit tuckered out from the prep of it all! There was a lot of cleaning and sanitizing involved in the process, but at least there was no actual cooking involved for this recipe! Our thermostat and A/C appreciated that, too.



Recipe for Freezer Pickles here:



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