Saturday Morning

Hello reader,

Yesterday, June 8th, we took advantage of the cooler morning temps. It’s officially summer, and with the season comes hot days and less rain. So in the morning, we try to harness the time and stroll through the garden. We had our third harvest for Cherokee Wax green beans and it was the biggest harvest yet, I dare to say! We also were able to pick three more jalapeño peppers (the first one was previously picked), and our first ripe tomato of the season was ready with more on the way! We split the little tomato and we can’t wait for more! It was the heirloom Pink Vernissage and was bigger than the normal cherry tomato size, but will be great for salads or tacos. We also see a San Marzano beginning to ripen. No signs of ripening with our Jet Star or Better Boy as of yet, but they have grown to be almost as tall as us, so I’d venture to say they are 5 ft or taller (although we haven’t measured them). They have tomatoes filling out their foliage as are the rest of the varieties.
We’ve also noticed banana peppers, more jalapeños, bell peppers, cayenne peppers, more cucumbers (we recently picked a couple small ones), and more squash. However, the squash is usually covered with bees hovering around the blossoms and they become coated in yellow pollen. Since we want to leave them to their bees-ness, we harvest squash at night. Last night we picked a couple more and there is more still growing.
We also recently discovered a bunny nest next to our squash – so cute! Luckily, the lettuce and carrots have already been harvested, but I’m sure they’ll find other things to nibble on. Perhaps we should be creating a “Peter Rabbit” garden theme with statues and a scarecrow that consists of wooden stakes and a small blue jacket. A fairy tale come to life!

I couldn’t help conducting a photoshoot of our most recently harvested veggies before blanching and freezing the green beans. So, for all of you who can’t get enough of garden photos (like me), here you go:




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