Spring Blessings and Summer Wishings

Hello reader,

We have been staying super busy this gardening season, and am sorry to say I’ve fallen behind on my posts! I’m going to attempt to condense the past few months into some garden updates for you all.

May 3rd, I boiled and froze spinach. It was our “big harvest” although we only planted a little bit of spinach. It was cool and raining, but the spinach was begging to be harvested! And it was so worth trekking  in the mud in my flip flops to harvest that spinach. The taste was a bit richer than store bought. So delicious! We’d already been harvesting off and on, giving some away, and cooked a delicious dish of spinach Alfredo as well as a hot spinach artichoke dip. The possibilities are endless! Now we are looking forwarded to using our own frozen spinach in future recipes.

May 23rd I picked our first carrot – and it was BEAUTIFUL! By May 31st, we picked almost all of the remaining carrots. We used the carrot tops in a homemade soup (see the recipe below), a pesto, we cooked carrots, and we froze carrots. What a blessing they were! It was my first success growing carrots, and I can’t wait to try saving the seeds to grow them again next year.

May 29th we harvested our first beet after a brief mini vaca. By June 4th we were roasting beets, and they were absolutely delicious and tasted like a gift from the earth. We were pleasantly surprised at our success with all of these veggies! Now, we have jalapeños that are ready to harvest, have started harvesting yellow squash and zucchini, and our first tomatoes are ripening. We are hoping that this is only the beginning and that the rest of summer is as kind as spring has been! What a blessing a garden turned out to be this year.


I think that sums up all of the gardening news. Here are some photos to enjoy!


Garden Soup Recipe

Author: Tara


2 Tbls oil
1 onion
1-2 tsp garlic (1-2 cloves)
2-3 parsnips, chopped
1-2 cups carrots, diced
2-3 celery, diced
2 cups greens of choice, chopped
1-2 cans pinto beans
Large can diced tomatoes (or fresh tomatoes to taste)
4 small zucchini or 2 large, diced
1 package sliced mushrooms
7 cups chicken broth
1-2 handfuls fresh parsley, chopped
1-2 large potatoes, diced
Poultry seasoning – to taste
Paprika – to taste
Thyme – to taste
Marjoram – to taste
Salt and pepper – to taste


Heat oil in large stockpot. Add onion, garlic, carrots, and celery and cook until they are more tender and fragrant. Add parsnips, greens, and mushrooms and cook a couple minutes more. Next, add the rest of the ingredients, adding more spices as needed. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, then summer until the vegetables are fork tender. Taste and adjust as needed. Enjoy!


Have a wonderful garden season as you continue to craft your garden!


Please note – If you are uncertain about eating the tops of carrots or beets, they would probably be great for composting or tossing outside for wildlife. We chose to cook with them after trying to research further about eating these, but it’s not for everyone.


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