First Harvest!


This morning I wandered outside to our cool weather garden, which is basically just part of my daily routine. And what a lovely routine it is! To my discovery, the lettuce is continuing to grow quickly. In fact, the outer leaves are just about sandwich ready! The real star of the show today, though, was the Matador spinach. It looked ready to start harvesting! I restrained myself from harvesting until dinner time. When I returned home from work and went back out to the garden, it almost looked like everything grew even more since the morning! It was a small amount that was harvested (we only planted one small row and it’s JUST now starting to be ready). I tried to only harvest the outer leaves, and feeling the crispness as each leaf was harvested gave such a sense of accomplishment! Gardening can do that. It can give such a sense of achievement and it also gets you in touch with nature as you learn how to work WITH nature.

Anyways, back to the spinach. Just check out those crisp green leaves! And it was so tasty in our alfredo dish this evening.


Matador spinach, Ferrymorse. Approximately took 7-8 weeks from seed to harvest. 


Most up to date photo of the cool weather veggie garden. Look at that lettuce go!! The chives that went through cold stress are still trying to make a come back, though.


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