Another update – Tomatoes and Peppers!


Today we transplanted tomato seedlings to bigger pots – I picked one of our tomatoes up and the roots were growing out of the bottom! And they won’t be transplanted to their permanent home for another week or two. That’s a bit concerning to me seeing as how they almost doubled in size in the last couple weeks. One tomato got droopy after the move up, but with some temporary shade and extra water (everything got a lot of water after the transplanting), it perked back up and returned to the sunshine! Here’s some photos of our tomatoes and peppers. The first are the plants that are our strongest and growing the quickest. The second half are the plants that haven’t been growing so quickly, and some tomatoes haven’t been growing very well for a while (sad day!!). In fact, I have zero Roma tomatoes that grew really well. Next year I’ll opt out of trying to grow that variety. As for why some plants of the same variety grew better/worse than the others, there’s not a lot of explanation for it. The only cause I can think of is that the seedlings all have slightly different genetics like people do, so some survived better? That is, after all, how plants (open pollinated) grow and evolve as the climate changes throughout history.

Okay, here are the plants!

A cayenne and banana pepper, they started to grow quicker with the good weather and strong sunlight.



Most of the tomatoes! They are looking like they like their new upgrade.


Now for the ones that have some catching up to do:


I have high hopes for the seedlings that are smaller (well, I’m not certain of the Roma’s). Stay tuned for when we transplant to the gardens! So far we should have each pepper variety to transplant and all but the Roma for tomatoes, unless the Romas decide to really take off and have a sudden growth spurt, turning a nice green in the process. Right now their a bit on the pale side.

I hope you all are having good luck with your seedlings or having fun picking out plants at the stores as you craft your garden!


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