Sunny Side Up! An Egg Carton Tutorial For Starting Seedlings

Ahh – it’s finally warm enough to sit outside as I write this post. Sunlight is filling the yard with the promise of Spring. Yesterday was chilly and rainy – reminding me of my vacation days in Portland. Today, well today is a bright and cheery day. I’ll bring y’all up to speed on some things, then I’ll do a little tutorial about using egg cartons for starting seedlings.

Lettuce and carrots sown Feb 20th.



A comparison: chives on the left were transplanted in February, going through 22 degree temps. Chives on the right were given an extra few weeks indoors before transplanting.


Close up measurement of the chives that were recently transplanted, originally sown indoors in January:


Our best parsley so far:



Now for those egg cartons you likely are throwing out often! There’s a great use for the non-styrofoam cartons during the beginning of garden season. You can try out using them for starting seedlings! Here’s how I did mine:

Step 1:


Cut apart the two halves. One will be the tray that catches water, the other to fill with dirt.

Step 2:


Poke holes in each section, carefully. This will allow adequate drainage.

Step 3:


Fill with your seedling mix!

Step 4:

Carefully pick up pre-germinated seeds to plant. If you didn’t germinate the seeds yet, then just plant according to the directions on the seed packet. Shown in these pictures are chamomile seeds. TINY seeds!!

Step 5:


Make note of what seed is planted where and watch them grow!


I should note that some plants may start to grow roots through the cartons before transplanting. Mine have started to do this, so I’ll be putting the individual sections into bigger containers for the fast growing plants. Also be aware that these become quite flimsy when you are watering plants, so it’s probably best to keep them on a tray for good support. You don’t want the carton to rip in half as you carry it and deal with seedlings spilling out!

Have fun coming up with your own ways of starting seedlings – there are lots of ideas out there! Craft your garden!


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